Kilroy Was Here
November 07, 2004
The Kilroy Platform
Well, after the drubbing at the polls last week, I, like many other people, have been thinking about the Democratic party. After reading this open letter to the Democratic Party, I've decided to put my thoughts down on paper.

These are all first draft thoughts, so please forgive me for my lack rhetorical flourish. And to the three people who actually read this, if you see any logical inconsistency or really bad idea let me know in the comments.

Based on the exit polls, there are basically four issues that I'll initially address: the Economy, Terrorism, Iraq, and Values. After that, (if I get that far), I'll try and address other issues.

Overall, the Kilroy Platform focuses on fairness, responsibilty, security, and communty. Ultimately, I feel like these are the core values of the American people, so I'll try and weave these throughout my thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your patience and help.

Check this out:

An Open Response From a
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