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May 21, 2002
Kilroy's Book Club: A New Kind of Science
I just got Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science from I didn't realize how huge the book was going to be! Jeez, it has over 350 pages of footnotes! The book itself is approximately 1200 pages long!

Let me tell you why the book caught my eye. From the bookflap:
"This long-awaited work from one of the world's most respected scientists presents a series of dramatic discoveries never before made public. Starting from a collection of simple computer experiments--illustrated in this book by striking computer graphics--Stephen Wolfram shows how their unexpected results force a whole new way of looking at the operation of our universe."

This sounded really cool to me. As those of you who've been reading my blog might know, I love this type of thing. Simple simulations providing unexpected results.

But 1200 pages worth? God.

So, in a attempt to help me get through it, I'll be posting Chapter by Chapter summaries on Kilroy Was Here. Plus, I'll post questions and thoughts as I find them.

Feel free to join in the discussion.


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