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May 29, 2002
Long Live the Death Tax
In the American Prospect, William Gates writes passionately in favor of an inheritance tax among our most wealthy citizens (TAP: Vol 13, Iss. 11. Tax the Wealthy. William H. Gates Sr. and Chuck Collins.). Once again, the wealthiest citizens of our country, those who have benefited most from our system of government, have the most virulent hatred of that same governement. In lobbying to repeal the inheritance tax, right wing politicians not only sabotage the effectiveness of our government by withdrawing the much of the resources necessary to effectively run our government, but also undermine the very notions of democarcy and free enterprise by creating an inherited aristocracy of wealth.

Much like the corprate deseters I wrote about on May 14th, this new aristocracy is looking to abandon obligations to their country in the name of personal greed. They conflate civic duty to bear their fair share of supporting our public institutions with "punishment". They minimize or completely disregard the impact of not only our governmental institutions on maintaining and increasing their wealth, but also of the countless number of employees and small investors who provided labor and capital to insure their wealth.

Do not let their arrogance stand. Write your congressman to vote against repeal of the death tax.

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