Kilroy Was Here
June 03, 2002
Executive Vices
In Slate, Michael Kinsley has written an ironic article pointing out how corporate America (in this case, Halliburton) is holding Arthur Anderson accountable for not keeping these corporations from dishonestly cooking their books. Yeah, Arthur Anderson was bad and should be punished. But why aren't the executives of the firms that are operating unethically being held as accountable? Sure, the cop was dirty in this case, but shouldn't we be more focused on the mob bosses that have ruined the credibility of the American Economy?

Our government needs to strike now to reassert the integrity of our economic system by aggessively prosecuting all executives who preside over companies who deal in these shenanigans. That includes the Enron executives, Global Crossing executives...

And even, the former CEO of Halliburton, one Richard Cheney.

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