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December 17, 2002
Defending the indefensible
In his article in the NY Post, Dick Morris attempts to defend Trent Lott's recent comments in praise of Strom Thurmond. "Let's start with the fact that I've known Lott for more than 15 years..." states Morris. "He is no racist."

However, Morris misses the point when it comes to Lott's statements. This is not about Lott's beliefs but his behavior.

It seems hard to believe but, 140 years after our country's Civil War, and 40 years after our country's Civil Rights Movement, there is still a small, virulent, and political active base that supports racist policies. Perhaps even more than Al-Qaeda, these racist few are the true enemy of the American ideals and government. Most Americans find their ideas abhorent and would not hesitate to say so.

Trent Lott's statements provide political and idealogical cover to that racist few. It allows these people to look in the mirror and justify their immoral beliefs. "Blacks are not as good as us," they can say. "And the rest of the country agrees with us. Just listen to what Lott said about good ol' Strom! The only reason Lott can't be as explicit as us is because of the politically correct Liberal Media. Let's go to church now."

Our leaders should be held accountable for the behavior more so than their beliefs. Lott's behavior gives aid and comfor to the enemy of our ideals. As such, he should be held accountable.

Fortunately, I believe that this time he is.
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