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December 23, 2002
More on Race Preferences
In the blog Just One Minute, The Minute Man attempts to justify the results of the University of Chicago study mentioned below by arguing that 'blacks degrees are worth less' because

Given the results of the study Alan Krueger reported on, I'd conclude the exact opposite. Since evaluating resumes and evaluating college papers is a somewhat similar exercise, I'd theorize that it would be more likely to that professors grade blacks more stringently than whites.

Consider the following results from the 1990 Survey of the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

Given to a cross-section of about 1200 Americans, 150 of whom were black, the following results were tabulated:

(From A Country of Strangers, by David K. Shipler)

Given the predominance of this attitude concerning the intelligence of blacks, I think that it's spurious reasoning to think that professors at colleges would somehow act so differently as to make a college degree held by an African American as somehow worthless of consideration.


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