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January 27, 2003
Why I Am A Liberal: Part 2 - The Political Compass
The Blahblogger recommended to me that I take a look at a website called The Political Compass. This website invites you to rate how you feel about certain propositions in order to see where you fit on 2 dimensional grid mapping out differing political positions. Interestingly enough, I took this test and found myself to be far down in the Libertarian Left quadrant.

Good for me, because out of all the people on the axis to the right here, I like Ghandi the best.

However, it's interesting that the US Congress has tended to remain polarized along one axis. Consider the following from Dr. Kenneth Poole of the University of Houston:

Perhaps this means that American government is relatively stable along the Authoritarian axis, but moves quite dramatically along the Economic axis. Also, perhaps race is a third dimension in this particular analysis.

I wonder if the Political Compass group can include some questions to measure the tolerance for diversity vs. overt racism in their analysis.
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