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February 13, 2003
Ah, the Fresh Smell of Logic
Michael Kinsley is right on today regarding the Estrada fillibuster. Estrada defends his evasiveness on his judicial views with the the following line: "I'm very firmly of the view that although we all have views on a number of subjects from A to Z, the job of a judge is to subconsciously put that aside and look at each case … with an open mind."

But as Kinsley rightly puts it:

The Law should be based upon logical reasoning. You think that a qualifed judge would find this logical flaw in this argument about judicial pre-judging.

Unless, of course, their "real reason for evasiveness is the fear that if some senators knew what his views are, they would vote against him."

Then, using this 'judicial prejudice avoidance' obfuscation would indicate a good lawyer, but not a good judge.
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