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February 06, 2003
Corporate Weasel Watch: Tyson Foods
The NY Times today has a story on Tyson Foods. Tyson is believed to have smuggled illegal immigrants into US in order to suppress worker wages.

According to Tyson's 2002 annual report, Tyson had approximately $1.8 billion in gross profit and $355 milliion in net income, it's best year in the last 10 by far.

John Tyson, Chariman and CEO of Tyson foods, made $1 million in salary, $3.5 million in bonus, and another $3.1 million in stock, options, and perks. You think an man who made nearly $8 million dollars last year alone wouldn't have to go to such lengths to keep the men and women of his company from making an addition $2 an hour.

To quote the prosecuting attorney for this case:

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