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February 21, 2003
Hydrogen Car Bomb: Part II
Gregg Easterbrook has eviscerated Bush's Hydrogen Car proposal in the latest version of The New Republic.

Easterbrook argues that in order to manufacture hydrogen in the amounts needed to replace the gasoline economy would not reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In fact, hydrogen in that amount can only be produced by "steam forming" natural gas in nuclear reactors. "But that means our miracle zero-emission hydrogen will be produced from fossil fuels via an intermediate stop at a nuclear reactor--not exactly what the Sierra Club had in mind."

Which leads us to Easterbrook's main point:

As Easterbrook notes, we currently have the technology today to make SUVs 25-35 percent more fuel efficient, but we, as a country, are unwilling to make the sacrifice to do so.

Our grandfather's suffered Depression and World War; they gave lives, labor, and love to preserve our country.

We are unwilling to give up our Cadillac Escalades.
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