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December 31, 2003
The President's Latest
In the 2000 campaign, I sent a contribution to John McCain. (Even then, I didn't care for GWB.) As a result, I'm now on the Republican fund raising mailing list. I thought it would be interesting to post these letters, and maybe make a few comments. Here's the latest that I received on 12/31.

The pace of the Presidential campaign is picking up and we will soon know who the Democrat nominee will be. Whoever wins the nomination will have done so by energizing their party's left wing with angry attacks.

It looks like that the GWB campaign has already identified Howard Dean as the Democratic nominee.

A strong foundation has been laid for victory in 2004, but I need your help to win what could be a close election.

Would you send my campaign a special contribution of $100 or $50 today at And will you help identify and get out the vote? As we saw so clearly in 2000, every vote matters. The strength of our grassroots team -- friends like you who make the phone calls, mail the brochures, put up signs, and knock on doors -- will make the winning difference.

Elections involve much more than ads and rallies. To win, we need people talking with their relatives and friends at work, at the coffee shop or over the back yard fence about the tremendous issues at stake. That's why I need your help.

I have set big goals for our country. My Administration is making America safer, more prosperous, and better. We are meeting the challenges of our time.

This is an interesting use of the comparative. Notice that it's not, "My Administration is making America safe and prosperous." The question about comparatives is what are we comparing it to. Safer than America in 1863? More properous than American in 1931?

Our armed forces, joined by our allies, are on the offensive against terrorist enemies around the world. Saddam Hussein is no longer in power and we are hunting down al Qaeda leaders and al Qaeda terrorist cells and bringing them to justice. Fifty million people in Afghanistan and Iraq have been liberated from tyranny and our homeland has been made more secure.

So people could find work, I proposed an economic stimulus package. Our tax cuts returned money to the people who earned it. They have put it to work in our economy, which is growing again and beginning to generate new jobs, but we won't rest until everybody who wants to work can find a stable, productive job.

If you can't find a job, it must be because you don't want to work. And we all know how hard Paris Hilton worked to "earn" that money. I mean, have you seen The Simple Life? That's just plain hell!

The country is better off because we passed historic education reforms that will provide all our children a quality education, beginning with teaching every child to read. We took on a tough issue and fulfilled a promise to seniors by providing prescription drug coverage and more choices in a stronger Medicare system.

Notice that the program is the result. If someone points out in 3-5 years that children are getting the same or worse education, GWB can say, "But we put in the program." My guess is he'll throw in the tax language above. "Anyone who wants an education or prescription drugs can get one."

I have worked to remove obstacles to the full involvement of faith-based groups in confronting suffering in our communities and pressed for important new reforms in welfare.

Ah, the subtle use of codewords. All you Christians out there! The Democrats want to keep you from helping the poor! They keep putting these obstacles (like that silly separation of church and state) in the way.

Oh , and what reforms in welfare? Seriously, what's he talking about here?

The Democrats running for President have opposed many of these policies. That's their right in a free country like ours. And in this campaign, we will pit our optimistic, compassionate conservative philosophy which is making a positive difference in so many lives against their anger and attacks.

Anger watch again.

During the course of the campaign, I will lay out a positive and hopeful agenda to make our country stronger, safer, more prosperous and better for every single person fortunate enough to call themselves an American.

Or fortunate enough for me and my Republican thugs to call an American. You listenin', Soros!

I've got an important job to do that limits my time on the campaign trail. I take seriously my responsibilities as your President. I'm focused on the people's business, and there's a lot to do. The political season will come in its own time.

In other words, no debates for Bush.

And when it does, I will need your help. The other side says it will raise $500 million or more. To help overcome their intense opposition, will you send your contribution for either of the amounts I mentioned earlier or more if you can? Federal law limits donations to $2,000 a person or $4,000 a couple.

What other side?

You can call my campaign at 1-800-531-6789 or go to and make your gift using the campaign's secure Internet server. Whatever method you choose, please let me hear from you today. It would mean a lot to me to know I had your active support.

I am honored to serve as your President in these challenging times. The world has seen our country's resolve and courage. And I've been privileged to see the compassion and character of the American people.

All the tests of the last three years have come to the right nation. We're a strong country, and we use that strength to defend the peace and protect the weak. We're an optimistic country, confident in ourselves and in ideals bigger than ourselves.

Ah, now the optimisim/pessimism meme we've been hearing so much about.

Abroad, we seek to lift whole nations by spreading freedom. At home, we seek to lift up lives by spreading opportunity to every corner of America. This is the work history has set before us and we welcome it. And we know for our country, the best days lie ahead.

God, I hope the best days lie ahead. I'd hate to think it could get much worse.

Thank you for your friendship and may God continue to bless America.

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