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December 13, 2003
There's a record for a reason
As a football fan who participates in a no-line office pool for years now, I've come to the following rule which I use to help me pick the team.

The rule, "They have a record for a reason."

Often there are folks who still pick the Bengals over the Chiefs or the Lions over the Rams. "Look at how they match up!" they say. "The Bengals running back will overpower the Chiefs small defensive line."

At this point, I always say to myself, the Bengals are 2-12 for a reason. The Chiefs are 12-2 for a reason. Pick the Chiefs.

Similarly for Presidential candidates. Many folks say that Kerry or Clark would have a better chance, as if the match up of biography or policy is all that matters. But it's not.

Biography is just a small tool in putting together a winning campaign. Policies are more about government than politics. Politics are about putting together strong campaigns to win elections.

If Kerry and Clark were such master politicians, why are they floundering so far? If Dean so 'unelectable', why is Dean so successful?

Dean has the best chance to beat Bush because Dean has the best 'political' record in the primary. He's built the best campaign. He's made the fewest missteps. He's worked the hardest. He has the most volunteers. He's raised the most money. Furthermore, his policy positions are pragmatic and appealing to a wide base of voters.

Why do people still think the 2-12 Kerry would be better for Bush when Kerry wasn't able to use his huge advantage to crush a little known, insurgent candidate? Why do they think Clark will do a better job when Clark hasn't yet put together a strong track record?

Can't you believe your eyes? There's a record for a reason!
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