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June 12, 2004
Her Duchess, Paris of Hilton
Over at Matthew Yglesias's website, Matt bangs his head against the estate tax.

I'll dent my noggin as well and add these two points to the debate.

Point Numero Uno: Given that the government must be funded through some sort of taxes, wealthy people should favor estate taxes over all other types. Why? Simply because they don't suffer the consequences of those taxes.

In other words, you're rich. You need to shoulder some burden of the guvmint. When do you want that money taken away from you? While you're still alive and could use it on fuel for your Gulfwing or that Picasso that's so necessary to complete your bedroom design? Or after you've passed unto the great beyond and have no need for it?

I vote for option 2.

(If you're trying to argue that the wealthy shouldn't be taxed in either case, go away! You're not honestly facing the fact that some level of government must be funded.)

2. Estate taxes have a social purpose. The last thing we need in this country is a de facto aristocracy. Especially a de facto aristocracy of Paris Hiltons!

All you in favor of estate taxes, go check out William Gates, Sr. view on


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